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Since 1993


Visual Collaborator with Brian Eno and Roger Eno for the “A Quiet Scene” outdoor immersive audio-visual installation.... Jerry Moss Plaza at The Music Center, Los Angeles, January 22, 2021 through February 21, 2021.

Finalist in the invitation to collaborate with Brian Eno and Roger Eno by way of the Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music GMBH sponsored Mixing Colours Video Creation Contest to accompany individual tracks on the Mixing Colours album.



"This long-time, multi-talented Austonian is one of the few electronic musicians I can listen to for hours on end and not feel like I need put something else on. With a keen grasp of so many genres, Splendid Obsolescence does a great job of mixing things up while maintaining the integrity of his compositions as a whole.....this fascinating musician's extensive library is sure to keep you entertained for hours, if not days. Welcome to some of the best electronic music that keeps Austin weird".
- Karl Unsichtbar
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Fan reviews describe Splendid Obsolescence releases as:

Mango Stress Test - “Crepuscular, liminal, and deep… these iterations of soundscaping take your mind into some potent grooves and fascinating furrows…highly recommended, especially for those who like :zoviet *france:, The Hafler Trio, Aube, and Psychic TV.” - Lisa H.
Oracle of the Snowbird - "Equal parts industrial and ambient music, Splendid Obsolescence's auspicious debut, "Oracle of the Snowbird," pulls even the most casual listener into some sort of hallucinogenic dream-state; very appealing, yet a tad unsettling at the same time. And the classical minimalist's "Variant" format allows each piece to degenerate and regenerate sounds/voices in a most unexpected way. The overall effect of these 8 Variants on the main theme is a truly unique, and somewhat terrifying one. A beautiful nightmare..." - Lord H.